03 December 2005

The fatso strikes back

It seems that some people do not sleep in NY, at least that fat slobbo does not.
He is responding - in the usual paranoid fashion of somebody hunted by the hated Zionists.

With or without his permission (he picked some legal language - on the job, apparently), here are some gems for your enjoyment.

"Your posts are not wanted here."

Straight away he discloses his autocratic attitude toward the apple of his eye - that blog.

"Be advised you are stalking."

Wow - such a dose of self-respect in one sentence. And let's say we are - what next? A legal action or a shootout at noon? Choice of weaponry will be ours, we presume...

"You have most of the media at your disposal to propagate your views. Please allow me to propagate mine in peace."

Here he got us. We, the Elders, have ALL of the media at our disposal. Should we shut his blog, just to show him our omnipotence? Nah, why bother?

Eugene - calm down, baby. If you have read carefully the definition of SSJ, you are one of ours, not very significant one, granted, but we are not going to shut you down at this stage. You are doing useful work.