31 December 2005

Islamist extremist sought foothold in Japan

One of our all time favorites - Tehran Times posted an interesting article. While the question is how does such a politically incorrect text find its way to this specific media outlet, the contents are quite exciting.

"A member of an Islamist extremist group banned in Pakistan entered Japan two years ago to try to establish a foothold in the country, a Japanese newspaper said on Friday."

"Japanese police had warned this month that Islamist extremists may tempt Muslim communities in Japan to turn radical and attack Japan, whose government has been a staunch backer of the U.S.-led war on Iraq."

That's really interesting. An extremist Muslim like this one would be news indeed:

Although, come to think of it, some basic elements of the dress code are already in place:

And the equipment preparation and training are being mastered, as well:

So, dear Japanese folks - be prepared to sing to the new tunes soon!