04 December 2005

We Can, rebuild Him...

Oh boy, you leave on a covert mission for a few days, and what do you get in return; an uproar involving a sulking reject plumper that putz out his word, desperately seeking attention, and a scrum of opportunistic Anti-Zionists who pile on, and revel in the find. We find it highly entertaining to see how a lonely, scruffy, Yid plumper can attract such a barrage of sympathy. Yes, a forlorn SSJ can easily find his five minutes in the limelight, and attract the Anti Zedz feeding pack within seconds of a post being put up.


Listen Zjlob, we understand that your parents did you a disservice lumbering you with that Ewe-gene label for the rest of your life, we have sincere empathy for your grievance. However, before we take you into our midst, we feel that you need to clean up your act, get your reasoning sorted out, and your logic functioning again. You can't penetrate the likes of Sue Blackwell, nor can you dance with the Elves, if you can't reasonably argue an Anti Zeds perspective. They'll cotton on to a mumbling shmutziker hairy Ox's game mighty quick.


So, to prepare you for a long service run, we took it upon ourselves to send you a group of Angels we often sub-contract to, on the really messy shmutz jobs.

To the rescue; the Fab-Five are on the way petzle, with voracious vigor, and laser equipment for permanent removal of hair. We'll consider introducing you to our recruiting Schull, and the Jewish community at large, once Carson Kressley gives you the all clear.