11 December 2005

Mofaz, promised Defense, joins Sharon's Kadima

That's the guy (from this article):

With the same straight-in-you-face no-nonsense expression of an old scarred battle-proven general, Mofaz explained about three weeks ago why Likud is the only place for him.

The same face was used about three days ago to explain that polls (polls - shmolls) are something not to be worried about and that the real winners will emerge after the Likud primaries.

And now - with the same firmness of belief in the chosen way he explains why it is his one and only correct decision... Oy vey...

On one hand - it makes sense when the rats leave a sinking ship. Rats are known for their high IQ, and when one can do nothing to save the ship, it is only reasonable to leave the captain alone to share the ship's fate. Especially this captain...

On the other hand - that new ship that the rats are choosing - how to make sure it will stay afloat under the collective weight of all the rats?


Anonymous said...

>Rats are known for their high IQ,

No they are not! What rats are known for is the altruism they display to other rats; 8 out 10 rats will accept a lower standard of living, if it means a fellow rat attains relief from distress. Among humans that ratio is 2 out of ten. So, if the rats are deserting the captain, the likelihood is: the captain is not a rat.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

"So, if the rats are deserting the captain, the likelihood is: the captain is not a rat."

Dunno. Where does it say that the rats are leaving the captain, for krissake? They are jumping the ship, and for all they care the captain could be a dodo. Or a dummkopf - which he is.

Anonymous said...

>Or a dummkopf - which he is.

Cruel, too cruel!

SnoopyTheGoon said...

I know, anon, I know, cruel is our middle name here.