29 December 2005

John Demjanjuk - going home at last?

This story, thanks to the breathtaking developments in the modern jurisprudence, takes an inordinate amount of time to come to a conclusion.

"CLEVELAND, Ohio (AP) -- An immigration judge Wednesday ordered John Demjanjuk, a retired auto worker accused of being a Nazi concentration camp guard, deported to his native Ukraine, bringing him a step closer to being removed from the U.S. after a 30-year legal battle." "Demjanjuk, 85, has been fighting to stay in this country since the 1970s. He was suspected for a time of being the notoriously brutal guard known as Ivan the Terrible and was nearly executed in Israel."

Sheesh. What do we have here? We know that there is enough proof that Johnny is a Nazi, that he happily served as a guard in a concentration camp, the only question is whether he was Ivan1 or Ivan2. Which question saved his sorry Nazi ass during his pro bono vacation in Israel.

So what the heck takes 30 years? Why not let him to become one with his own people again?

"His attorney had argued at a hearing last month that sending Demjanjuk back to Ukraine would be like throwing him "into a shark tank."

First of all this is very unkind, racist and in general non-PC to talk this way about a friendly democratic country. But if the learned attorney prefers another option, I believe we can offer Johnny some extended hospitality here. Courtesy of Israeli government, medical care included - up to the last second.

"Justice in this case is long delayed," said Rabbi Abraham Cooper, ... "No one should confuse anything happening to John Demjanjuk as anything but justice. It's not vengeance."

Dear Rabbi - I have some news for you. There is nothing wrong with a dollop of vengeance. And that "The vengeance is mine" clause was added by the Elders - to prevent competition. If you know what we mean.