25 December 2005

JfJfP and the Holiday Spirit

In a concerted effort to increase the quality of Anti-Semitic material out there, the Elders have commissioned a little known Joo organization that prides itself on its ability to out do the worst Jew haters out there. As most of us know, the Elders have commissioned a number of talents in the past for such tasks, although most of these were asked to create a Holiday Sprit atmosphere by writing Christmas Carols, lulling the goyim into a good-will state of mind.

Here's a short list of our earlier commissions:
White Christmas – Irving Berlin
Let it Snow – Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer – Johnny Marks

Here's the tricky lyric JfJfP came up with:

Ariel Sharon walked out
On the Temple mountain;
Riots broke out round about -
Blood flowed like a fountain.
Seven were shot dead that day,
And the troops hit harder,
Escalating an affrayInto intifada.
"Hither voters, vote for me,

In the next election;
I will bring security,
Strength and self-protection".
So they voted in Sharon
As their lord and master,
And they let him carry on,
Though he brought disaster.

"Bring me flesh and bring me blood,
Bring me target killing!
Crush those Arabs into mud,
Make the message chilling.
Bomb the people from the sky,
Fighting terrorism;
If the world complains,
we'll cry'Antisemitism!'"

In their master's steps they trod,
The Israeli forces;
They profaned the name of God,
Choosing evil courses.
Therefore, IDF, be sure,
Tanks and planes deploying,
Ye who will oppress the poor,
Shall be self-destroying.

Well Ladies and Gentlemen of JfJfP, you've certainly raised the quality of Anti-Semitic rhetoric. You've out done the best of them.

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