19 December 2005

So, how do you want to go about it?

One subject that has incessantly provided our team with regular laughs lately, has been the frequent discussions on whether Israel has a right to exist. This issue keeps getting regurgitated time at time again, as though if one of these discussions culminated with a clearly definable conclusion, the follow up would result in an action plan. We've read some academic opinions, activists constructed workable solutions and Anti-Zionist have come up with their 'against' stipulations. We just love the effort these guys can put into a redundant hypothesis, and revel in the satirical material we get out of it.

What gets us cracking most however is the fact that these people think these debates, discussions and lecture evening will culminate in something. Some of these twits actually think that what they have to say will have some impact. They believe that if they come up with a formula, a chain of logic proving that Israel doesn’t have the right to exist, a major force will come and sweep all the Jooz away.

Rather than stifle debate (which we clearly don't encourage on this Blog), we thought we should feed these talkers with a real world type discussion. Having noted and registered that some of them have already reached the conclusion that Israel doesn't have the right to exist, we'd like to up the ante - a practical issue for them to bend their minds around;

How do you propose to make Israel desist? Do you really believe that your opinions will make us all pack up and leave?

While you Anti–Zionist thinkers ponder these issues, the elders have finally decided to tackle that old Father Christmas myth, and set another matter straight for you. That dude with the long white beard was a fable constructed by the Elders Mind Control division (Goyeshe Kop Dreyers), who had acquired a major stake in Coca-Cola, seeing the opportunity to mix into the popular drink formula a thought controlling agent, that would send the drinkers into a highly suggestive mode. This was coupled with the Elders controlling stake in Hollywood and the Media in general, which provided the platform to deliver our subliminal messages.

Now think back ladies and Gentlemen of the Anti–Zionist persuasion, closely scrutinize your history books, and ask yourselves, how does Israel always get away with it? how can Israel always remain untouchable, Eh?

And one last thing, that Ho Ho Ho thing… Well that was the cheer our old accounting genius – Motle Ganev used to make while rubbing his palms together, each time he expanded the Elders Zionist World Domination fund with another fine investment.