07 December 2005

Spiderman? WTF?

The folks from UK branch of MPAC, that nice anti-Zionist outfit that is, of course, halal and absolutely non-violent, have got a shocker of their lives. Better to let them speak for themselves, though:

MPACUK’s events co-ordinator had received a message from the University of Westminster saying they were cancelling the booking for the venue!

It seems like the Zionists who have been harassing MPACUK with death threats aiming to intimidate us into cancelling the event, are not satisfied with our adamant refusal to give in to their violent threats. The Zionist thugs had now turned on Westminster University – the venue for the debate – and made chilling threats, demanding they withdraw the booked venue for the event. To our astonishment, Westminster University have succumbed to these Zionist bullies.

Never before had the British Muslim public witnessed such an astonishing demonstration of the power of the Zionist lobby – live on TV!

Calm down, folks. It is year 2005, or, in the new calendar using year 2000 as the beginning of the new world order as we know it and you are getting to know (albeit slowly) - year 5.

So get used to the fact that nothing goes on unless we say it goes on. And never ask why, there is a (slight) possibility that we may decide to explain to you why - up close and personal.

Now to the issue of Spiderman. We never use the sticky louse - he is strictly NGO. Besides, the rates he quotes are too cheeky even for us, the Elders.

Both we and ZOG use the good services of 6ft lizards who do it almost for free and a few drops of blood - which we, as you know, have in abundance. Here is a pic of a lizard:

Hattip to Harry's place.
And thanks to the lizard for the pic.


KalamazooKid said...

Spider Man so SO Jewish (as are all the Super Heroes, by the way - bespectacled nebbish by day . . . but unseen by the ordinary eye he has SECRET POWERS - now who does remind you of?)

SnoopyTheGoon said...

Jewish-shmooish - but too expensive. Were does one get the dough to use him?

What are we - Hollywood? Every gold nugget is a PITA to justify with that fucking accounting department.