01 January 2006

The New World Order - executive sanction

Judeosphere is back with a series of posts. One of these attracted special attention of the Elders.

It is not that we are too deeply concerned with Syria and Lebanon, our interest in this matter is purely coincidental.
The problem we detect is that there is a hell of a lot of these societies, trying to find a solution to the hydra of Zionism and purge the world of our domination.

Which is good on one hand, since it allows us to cut down on PR quite drastically. Our Chief of Operations is very happy, seeing as all that money from PR budget flows to his department.

On the other hand - the names of all these new outfits are getting longer and longer, and simple human mind is not able to cope with it. Take for instance "National Conference to Support the Resistance". Or even better: "Permanent Conference to Confront the Zionist Cultural Invasion". Where it will all end if somebody does not make an effort to enforce some naming conventions?

So, we in the Hasbara department decided to put an end to the naming anarchy. From now on all anti-Jewish, anti-Israeli and anti-Zionist bodies will comply with the following scheme.

The names will consist of three parts:

a) Down With [the] - self explanatory. Article "the" will be omitted.

b) Jews/Israel/Zionists - according to the shade of the outfit being named.

c) Suffix - depends on how this specific outfit wants to deal with the Jews. For instance, Culturally, Economically, Diplomatically, Boycottically, Totally, etc.


Hamas and Jihad Islami, Iranian Ayatollahs and their puppet president will be united under an umbrella name: DWJT.

Assorted Jewish gangs "against Zionism" are assigned a code name DWIT.

Boycotters get to be DWZB. Etc.

Exception allowed: Chomsky, Finkelstein and affiliated miscellaneous are still allowed to be named "alter kakher".

Remark: For educational purposes, each anti-xxx group is allowed 1 (one) placard with the full logo, for example "Down With the Jews Culturally", to be displayed prominently.