31 January 2006


"Feh!" is an equivalent of "Yuck", "Duh!", "Argh" and other similar exclamations usually uttered by people who suddenly encounter something stomach-turning. Usually used by experts in Yiddish and has a thousand different shades.

In this case it is uttered in the general direction of the Guardian's own Stalinist and comment editor Seamus Milne, who generously allotted quite a space to Hamas' own Khalid Mish'al who is designated by Guardian/Milne as "head of the political bureau of Hamas" (our security people know that politics are just a hobby for that character who deals mainly with orchestrating new terrorist acts).

Anyhow, it is worth to read in its entirety the essay by Scott Burgess of The Daily Ablution who dissects in his usual cool and superb fashion the whole subject. The victim may not even feel Scott's scalpel... at the beginning.

An interesting detail - there is an e-mail address for Mr. Mish'al, so if you want to...
It is hoood88@hotmail.com (a telling choice, ain't it?).