13 January 2006

Mission accomplished

Last night, while George Galloway was crawling on all floors pretending to be a kitty-cat, lapping milk from the hand of a superannuated actress who is the ex-wife of an actor no-one has seen much of for several years, unbenownst to him, during the the commercial break, the Elders purchased a slot advertising the beauties of our country under the name of our hasbarah department, the Israel Tourist Board. So when you have stopped laughing at the demise of this two-bit demagogue, do come scuba diving in Eilat, or bar-hopping in Tel Aviv.

I'd like to thank the Elders who run Endemol Productions and Channel Four, plus the lawyers who inserted the Ofcom regulations on policial balance into the Broadcasting Act, and the deep cover agents we insinuated into Galloway's office who talked him in to doing this stunt. Not to forget agent Rahel, who under the code name Jodie has done sterling work setting herself up as bait for the bully, and agent Arik, aka Pete, from the Duvduvan, who volunteered to impersonate a transvestite. (Oh, and thanks too, to Dana International, for coaching him.)

Good work all round. Next!