22 January 2006

Is that what men have to go through?

One of the Observer articles the Elders have no problem to cheer! The opposite is true - it heralds the first (arguably) time a woman got to the murky depths of our psyche. And she reports it exactly the way it is.

"Far from finding life easier as a man, Vincent ended up concluding that men have it tough."

Oh boy, finally we see an acceptance of our woes!

"They battle aggression and stereotyping and are forced to suppress emotions."

Most of the Elders, tough, battle-scarred veterans were seen to run for their offices after reading this line, and the reported quantity of used tissue was real frightening.

"She quickly came up against the ugly side of male life. Her colleagues made sexist comments, discussed in graphic terms what they would like to do to women who walked by and went to strip clubs."

Like we want to. Surely you must understand that we are just playing up to that stereotype.

"She concludes that the bravado hides suppressed emotion."

See - she got it all in one short sentence.

"Strip clubs are places of sadness and loneliness and she feels 'a profound pity' for the men."

Aha! Finally I am vindicated. You just wait till I show the above to my spouse. Don't I keep telling her exactly the same? And do I get a pinch of understanding?

"She was also shocked by the women she dated. 'I listened to them talk literally for hours about the most minute, mind-numbing details of their personal lives. Listening to them was like undergoing a slow frontal lobotomy.'

Oh man... Obviously we cannot comment on that one, but our silence should speak volumes...

"It may be a man's world but Vincent is pleased to be a woman. 'I am staying right where I am: fortunate, proud, free and glad in every way to be a woman,' is the book's final sentence."

You bet!

Dear Ms. Vincent, our darling Norah,

We, the Elders, are putting all our considerable influence to support and protect you. In case you get mobbed by enraged feminists, be sure we will be nearby with our black helicopters, nerve gas and all that other stuff.

On the other hand, maybe I should talk it over with the spouse first. Oy vey...