27 January 2006

That unrewarding task...

Somebody named David has taken up that dirty and outright dangerous for one's mental health job of fighting the so called "anti-Zionist" Jews, such as Jews Without Brains (sorry, it is Frontieres), Tony Greenstein and others. There is a new blog called Banned by Elf, visit it, it is nice there!

We wish you good luck, David, and come to us for R&R when you get exhausted. We think you have got your work cut out for you.

The bird above is the best illustration of what I think about Elf and company. This bird - wood grouse - is known to Russians as "glukhar" (the deaf one). During the mating period the males of the species get so focused on their target that they do not hear approaching footsteps or anything else for that matter.

Stupid, you would say - but so is Elf.