08 January 2006

Something must be wrong somewhere...

It is known quite well, that the Iranian brand of Islam does not mix easily with that of Al-Qaeda.
Still this article from MEHR news on Iraq bombings just takes the cake.

"... the terrorist acts have caused more damage to the image of Islam, brought more agony to the public, and displayed the savagery of people who enjoy killing human beings, whether they are Muslim, Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, or practitioners of any other religion."

And another quote to strengthen the impression:

"What is the difference between Saddam Hussein and Zawahiri? Saddam killed those who defied his rule, but Zawahiri kills indiscriminately. Saddam did not kill in the name of religion, but Al-Qaeda kills in the name of Islam, which is worse."

Curiosier and curiosier, ain't it?

Of course, it is just from an opinion column, still...