09 January 2006

Yet another vulture circling

Warning: it will be another rude post, so some sensitive souls are asked to close one eye at least!

According to JP, Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei "said Monday that the death of Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon would be a serious defeat for United States policy in the Middle East, state-run radio reported."

Does US policy for the Middle East include eternal life for Israeli leaders, we have asked ourselves?

Then we have found a better answer to the whole speech of the learned Ayatollah:

(This site includes another two excellent answers for your perusal)

In related news: IDF decided to cease providing women soldiers with tampons. (There is no translation in English for this article)

The decision is caused by a complaint sent by a (unnamed) male soldier in July 2003. The gist of this complaint is that male soldiers are discriminated, since they are also in need of some hygienic items, such as shaving cream and stuff, and there is no similar provision in the budget for them.

As a result, the HR department of IDF decided to break the tampon tradition.

How are these two disparate news items related, you may ask? Oh, it is very simple. Maybe some of the tampons that are still in the army warehouse could be sent over to Tehran to stick in the Hon. Ayatollah's piehole? It will get us all a bit closer to the peace in the world.

The picture on the left shows two different tampon sizes (we guess). The remaining picture (that on the right) presents Mr.
Khamenei. If you look closely, there between all that facial hair you may see the above mentioned pie hole that could be shut completely by judicious application of these items on the left size (we estimate that something like 15 to 20 should suffice).