19 January 2006

Better late than never

While the details of the latest missile strike on the Pakistani village become clearer as the smokescreen of outrage disperses, it seems that the results of the strike were not bad at all.

BBC reports, a bit confusingly:

Three al-Qaeda members 'killed'

Three al-Qaeda members were among those killed by a US missile strike last week in Pakistan, security officials say.

Among them was Midhat Mursi, an explosives expert who had a $5m reward offered for his capture.

Reports from Pakistan intelligence sources say that the other two al-Qaeda members killed in the attack were Abdul Rehman al-Misri al-Maghribi, Zawahiri's son-in-law, and Abu Obaidah al-Misri, al-Qaeda's head of operations in Kunar province, just over the border in eastern Afghanistan.

Then, strangely, the BBC report continues:

A fourth al-Qaeda member reportedly killed by the strike has not yet been identified.

Most probably, the reporter on that specific gig has not consulted the science branch of BBC. I have counted twice and got 4 (four) Al Qaeda "folks" killed. Hmm...

Anyway, three or four - it is quite a few eggs on quite a few faces. Now please proceed with the outrage, do not let such minor details to bother you.