22 January 2006

Bitten in the same place twice?

The Saved Sect ("This website is primarily aimed at the Muslim community living in the West, and seeks to refute misconceptions about Islam which have arisen due to the evil works of the non-practicing Muslims (also known as the "moderates") and the disbelievers, by only referring to the understanding of the Saved Sect (the Messenger Muhammad [SAW] and his Companions).") performed a mighty broadside in the general direction of George Galloway.

Recently, Allah (SWT) has disgraced these so-called Muslims and the one they have associated with Allah, George Galloway, by causing him to appear on a reality TV show "Celebrity Big Brother". Shows such as this contain all the corruption Allah (SWT) has forbidden, such as free-mixing, fornication, drinking, nudity, swearing and many other abominable acts. These kinds of programmes attract only the lowest of the low who desperately seek recognition and fame by any means possible. They are people who have no honour, respect or dignity and can only be described as animals. George Galloway will certainly have no trouble fitting in as he has all the criteria the show is looking for. Just recently, the media has shown George Galloway at his best – behaving like a cat (animal) purring at the hands of a woman. This is not surprising as one cannot expect anything more from a person of such low intellect and morality, a representative of those who voted for him.

It is not that we, the Elders, are especially pious, but there is more than just a grain of truth in the above, dontcha think?

Add the Saved people:

One would have thought, after so many years, these so-called Muslims would have taken heed from the hadeeth of the Messenger Muhammad (SAW) which states, "The believer is not bitten in the same place twice." After voting for Labour and Conservatives, believing in their false promises and lies, and being bitten in the same place every election year, these so-called Muslims have been bitten once again by voting for a new party, Respect, and its leader George Galloway.

We can only imagine the difficulties with simply sitting on a chair after these two bites...

No, really!