19 January 2006

Palestinians accuse Israelis of carrying out mass killing

This is the headline of the insidious IRNA article.

Palestinian officials in the southern West Bank town of Hebron have accused messianic Jewish settlers of carrying out a systematic mass killing against "helpless Palestinian citizens" for the purpose of driving them away from the city's ancient quarter.

The charges came in the aftermath of several days of riots by settlers protesting an Israeli court order to evacuate them from an erstwhile wholesale vegetable market leased by Palestinians since the Jordanian era.

During the riots several Arab shops and property were set on fire.

According to Israeli army sources, the settlers also attacked Palestinian homes with stones and sharp objects.

Mass killings. With stones and sharp objects, indeed. Mass graves are being prepared as we speak...

"The declared goal of these thugs is to ethnically cleanse Hebron of non-Jews..." said Arif Ja'abari, the governor of Hebron.

He added that half a million Palestinians, the population of the Hebron district, were hostage to the whims of some 300 messianic settlers who believe that non-Jews living in a Jewish state must be expelled, enslaved or exterminated.

How exactly these 300 settlers are supposed to "ethnically cleanse" half a million Palestinians is not explained.

It is not enough that the IDF and police have to deal with these 300 mad buggers, another mad bugger adds fuel to the conflagration and yet another mad government media outlet cannot get enough of his drivel.