06 January 2006

Another vulture circling

Arik may well be on his deathbed while I am writing this, and I will keep to my promise - nothing (OK, almost nothing) good or bad about him.

I feel quite free to talk, however, about the assorted hyenas and vultures.

One of these vermin of note is, of course, the esteemed Robert Fisk of Independent. Who found nothing better to do than circle and
crap over a dying man in throes of an expectant vulture's delight. Cannot wait, eh?

Usually I would hate to respond to an article I have not read in full, but paying a whole quid for this eruption of glee and then reading it in its smelly fullness is more than I can take. The beginning lines are more than sufficient. The shit starts flowing with a preface (most probably written by the author himself):

"...yet the blood that was shed at Sabra and Chatila remains a stain on the conscience of the Zionist nation."

Wazzat, Fisky - cannot force yourself to write the name of that nation?
(I have another explanation to offer - a bit later.)

" I shook hands with him once, a brisk, no-nonsense soldier's grip from Sharon..."

I wish this information was available to Sharon's physician earlier, many years ago - maybe there is an antidote against that handshake after all, although I doubt that.

"Who would have thought, ... that this same bunch of murderers - the men who butchered their way through the Palestinian Sabra and Chatila refugee camps only a few weeks earlier - had their origins in the Nazi Olympics of 1936. That's when old Pierre Gemayel - still alive and standing stiffly to attention for Sharon - watched the "order" of Nazi Germany and proposed to bring some of this "order" to Lebanon. That's what Gemayel told me himself. Did Sharon not understand this. Of course, he must have done."

Of course, he must have done.
Sure. The prosecutor, the judge, the defense, the jury - all in one short sentence and all Fisk. And that (not very subtle) attempt to associate Sharon's image with that of Nazi Germany... Smells to high heaven.

"Sharon it was who sent the Phalange into the camps on the night of 16 September - to hunt for "terrorists", so he claimed at the time."

Now it is "sent", right? How the time helps with these step-by-little-step adjustments, doesn't it, Fisky? Next it will be "Of course, he must have done." again, for sure.

And now a small aside I promised - about that "Zionist nation" problem. Another partial quote from that partial text:

"...knowing that the
Isrealis had..."

Now it is clear, finally. Our luminary of the free press is just unable to spell the name of the people he hates above all. It is I S R A E L I S. Try it several times, if you succeed to do it without a mental seizure, you may end up OK after all.

To conclude: you are a liar, Fisky - it is a widely established fact, your articles are so full of half-truths, deliberate omissions and half-lies (see fisking) that it is a mystery how Independent allows itself to publish your shit. You are an hysterical coward and a show-off (see Johnny Malkovich behind you - BOO!). And now you have shown yourself as a gleeful buzzard to boot.

Arik, with all his faults and sins is hundred times a man you are, vermin. Think about it.

This is the image of you I will always cherish, vermin. And no, I do not want to kill you - no pair of my shoes is expendable enough to stomp you with.

P.S. The last thing - your writing style stinks too, Fisky - you can take it to the bank, dear.


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