14 January 2006

Islam according to the Hook

New revelations from the Abu Hamza "The Hook" philosophy.

In a tape aimed at young people he said: "When you meet Allah you will be asked who was killed at your hands?"

He said: "Killing the kafir for any reason is OK, killing the kafir for no reason is OK," and he specifically singled out those that granted licences for "wine shops".

Hamza added: "We like blood and are addicted to it. When they say they love Allah they must ask themselves how much kafir blood they have spilt for Allah."

It is remarkable that his supporters seem to be unsatisfied by the trial venue.

"Democracy go to hell!" is a clear indication that they would prefer the trial to be moved to another place. Which fact just begs for a reminder: Yemen requested the extradition of The Hook quite a long time ago.

Maybe his ardent supporters would like to join him there for the protests and stuff...