20 January 2006

A smashing scoop from Saudi Arabia

We have just had a dubious pleasure to quote the Hon. Mayor of Hebron announcing the mass killings of Arab population of Hebron by these 300 pesky settlers.

The Religious Policeman is bringing an even bigger news: it appears that these bloodthirsty Jooz are not satisfied with the simple mass killings - they use nuclear weaponry on the stone throwing children!

Since some Muslim press has already dubbed The Religious Policeman a Mossad agent and whatnot, we have decided to take a look by ourselves, and here it is, indeed:

When you think about the whole situation, USA wants to put itself in every single detail about the world, said Manee Al-Manee , a political analyst from Dammam. Israel is using nuclear weapons against children with stones. Why didn't they stop them from using it.

Well, we are starting to feel a bit jealous seeing these propaganda pearls. What between the Hebron mayor and the Saudis, our Hasbara department may become obsolete quite soon, and then what? We are too old, fat and lazy for real field assignments...

Anyway, there is nothing more to say but to quote the advice The Religious Policeman gives to the author of the scoop:

Rule 1: Don't smoke stuff. Rule 2: If you do smoke stuff, don't write anything, just stare into the distance with a silly smile and wait for it to wear off.