02 January 2006

Now it's clear... now it isn't

Al Bawaba, a Jordan/UK media outlet, posted an article that describes a popular outrage in Syrian leadership (!) caused by former Vice President Abdulhalim Khaddam's denouncing the regime.

The title of the article is crystal clear and expected:

"Syrian leadership terms former VP as traitor, US Israeli agent, defector and deserter"

Pure pleasure, short and to the point. However, some of the text is so cryptic that the Elders' legal department is in the state of quiet despair. Take this, for instance:

"Kahddam embodied by that his flagrant and clear joining to the U.S. Israeli scheme that aims at striking Syria’s steadfastness and foiling its pan-Arab role as well preventing hostile schemes of hegemony and serving the Israeli interests that are to impose control on the region."

Who is foiling what, preventing what and serving whom?