17 January 2006

Compare and buy

Kavkaz center, the Chechen rebels' mouthpiece, proudly announces:

10 kafirs and munafiqs killed, wounded in Chechnya

According to France-Press source inside the pro-Moscow puppet administration over the 48-hour period of last Friday to Sunday 2 Russian kafirs were killed and 2 others were wounded in 10 attacks by Chechen Mujahideen on Russian positions.

One more Russian gangster has been eliminated during the mine explosion in Khankala base near to capital Jokhar. Other Russian kafir got wounded in that explosion.

Chechen Mujahideen have attacked Russian invaders who were going to Jokhar, have wounded three kafirs.

On the other hand, IRNA, Iran official news agency, grieves:

Palestinian resistance fighter murdered by Israeli army in West Bank

Israeli occupation troops on Tuesday murdered a Palestinian fighter affiliated with the Islamic resistance movement, Hamas, in the northern West Bank.

Palestinian sources said occupation soldiers surrounded a hide-out used by Thabit Ayyada, 24, in Tulkarm, killing him during a brief exchange of fire.

On one hand: kafirs, munafiqs, gangsters and invaders eliminated, on the other: a resistance fighter murdered.