13 January 2006

Green glowing pigs? Hmm...

Taiwanese scientists declared another smashing success: pigs that glow green in the dark.

If you remember, the first (supposedly) were the glowing fish. Ways to go! While I am not sure that I would like my pork chops glowing green, I am nevertheless happy for them scientists and hope they will be able to diversify into other colors (pink for pigs would be, probably, most desirable).

However, there is just that tiny sliver of suspicion that bothered me. I did feel that some bits and pieces of information were withheld from the public. So, using the special Elders' brainwaves that penetrate the whole Creation and connect the dots, I was able to put the picture together. It is so simple that I was unable to breath for a few minutes to start with. Then I was unable to get up from the floor I was rolling upon. Oh these Taiwanese scientists, oh these masters of practical joke!

The explanation is short and sweet. You all, probably, remember that story where the Iranian president, that Mahmud Ahmadinejad fellow, rapturously told the world about the green halo that emanated from him during his UN speech. And that picture:

I hope you are able to connect the remaining dots by yourself now?

Disclaimer: The accidental linking between the pigs above and Mr. Ahmadinejad should not be regarded as detrimental to pigs in any way.