18 January 2006

Just a few headers

A few headers from todays on-line edition of Times Online:

They're trying to break into jail as city heads for -40C

A vagrant tried being drunk and disorderly, even assaulting a friend to get inside a Moscow police cell as temperatures reach their lowest in 50 years

O'Henry revisited in Russian adaptation?

Weather delays first mission to Pluto

It took 17 years to plan, so it came as little surprise when lift-off of the first mission to Pluto was delayed by poor weather

Maybe it is not too late to get a ticket? Nah, it's colder there than even in Moscow.

Cartoonist makes a mug of hapless bicycle thief

WHEN a retired cartoonist disturbed a burglar on his property he knew that he would come off second best in a fight with the intruder. So, proving that the pen can be mightier than the sword, he sketched the would-be burglar. Within half an hour a police patrol in Melbourne, Australia, armed with the cartoon had arrested the suspect.

How many times people should be told about the importance of leaving no witnesses?

The hostage no one knew was missing

Phil Sands, of the Dubai-based newspaper Emirates Today, was rescued on New Year’s Eve after being held for five days on the outskirts of Baghdad. He had not been reported missing and his family was unaware of his plight.

Are there any live readers of Emirates Today anyway? No matter, the pay must be fabulous.

Marine caught after 36 years AWOL

A US Marine who went AWOL when he learnt of the My Lai massacre in Vietnam has been arrested as a deserter in Texas after 36 years on the run.

Some marathon!

Israeli leader speaks as dove and hawk

But while sending out moderate signals Mr Olmert also sounded a menacing note on Iran...

Could this be a sign of the avian flu onset?