25 January 2006

Israel Needs A Ronald Reagan

Says the headline of January 22 post by Michael Freund in his "Fundamentally Freund" blog, published under the umbrella of Arutz 7.

I wasn't surprised by the headline, since in some e-mails to my friends I start a sentence in the Subject line and continue it in the body of the mail itself. For example:

Subject: Have you

seen the latest post by Michael Freund? My mind is boggled.

So I have fully expected that the continuation of that headline "Israel Needs A Ronald Reagan" would be something like one of the following:

1. like it needs a pain in the neck

2. like it needs a swift kick in the backside

3. like it needs a bout of cholyera (Yiddish here)

Enough, I think you get the general drift.

Unfortunately, it seems that Freund, probably being interrupted after writing the first part of the headline, forgot to continue it in the body of the message. Too bad.