02 January 2006

The deadly aim of Technorati

The following text is copied from the today's Technorati page.

I was in two minds about the two above proposals: either take up the first one, then I'll have to skip the second, or vice versa. It seems to be a difficult undertaking to implement both.

Upon some mulling, I, personally, have decided to postpone the decision.

(For fairness sake it must be stated that there is an additional message: "Ads by Google")

Update - January 3rd.

Google people still feel that there is a terrible battle between Islam and Judaism going on in my soul, and decided to change the tactics just a bit. As you shall see, preparations to Hajj are replaced. This time I have copied the page, so you can start to believe me:

For some reason cleansing definitely looks more appealing to me than the previously offered preparation to the Hajj. I feel that I may be teetering on the brink here. What do you think?