13 January 2006

A lesson for our enemies

In Haaretz today - an excellent piece by Bradley Burton. I would like to repeat some of it:

This is the lesson that Palestinians would be well advised to learn about the people on this side:

You have made a new kind of martyr hero in the Holy Land, the kind who keeps the shahid from making Jewish infants and Jewish mothers into martyrs against their will.

You have demolished your cause by restoring our faith in the concept that there are those who believe strongly in the elimination of the Jewish people by violent means.

You may believe that you invented steadfastness and stubbornness. Think again.

I am not sure that all Palestinians should be taught the above lesson. But for the self-exploding morons and their bosses from Hamas, Jihad Islami and all the other alphabet soup gangs it is definitely a must.
And to summarize the lesson in an easy way:

And for the color-blind variety of "martyrs":