10 January 2006

Pink in Mecca?

It appears that our friend Ayatollah from the previous post decided to go public lately. He is, probably, secretly envying his younger fellow president Mahmoud A.

So he went for the largest possible gathering of his fellow Muslims and a pre-recorded speech (did they sell CDs with it at the exits?).

We will not go into details of the speech, just repeat some more successful expletives:

1. "The mercenary government of Israel"

That was a good one. Probably refers to the fact that they are getting paid for the job. Should we consider not paying the ministers? And the members of Knesset? Good idea, thanks!

2. "Satanic policies of international Zionism"

That one is confusing. Being a Little Satan, we can hardly stop our policies from being Satanic, can we?

Anyway, for full answer to Mr. Khamenei see the previous post. The two points above are not the main reason for this post. Here is the main reason:

During the speech, many members of the audience held up yellow placards reading "Death to America" and pink placards reading "Death to Israel."

Pink placards?

No, ladies and gentlemen. This just wouldn't do. We, the Zionists in general and Elders in particular (even those of non-Zionist variety - to confuse you further), will never agree to be derided in pink. We urge you to reconsider the whole issue. Please!

A side remark to our avid readers from Nether Edge: could your religious bodies or some environmental subcommittee or whoever advise the colleagues in Mecca on the issue of color (colour, as it might be)? Many thanks.