27 January 2006

A side remark

Why is it that each time a person says something like "I dialogue with Jews and Israelis ALL the time. My best friend is a former Israeli.", all my hackles rise automatically?

Cause I am invariably right, and that person starts quoting Gilad Atzmon, Paul Eisen and Robert Fisk at me before I have time to say Shma Israel...

Am I right, thecutter?

Update: 28.01.06

thecutter left a priceless remark down there in the remarks that I am sure is worth publishing here to demonstrate the unique thought process of this lady:

"I have nothing against Jews. Just most Israelis, because with their words and actions, they demonstrate that they have no problems justifying ethnic cleaning of another population. In fact, it's more than justifiable, it's a duty."

I know I went overboard a bit calling it a thought process, but one wants to be chivalrous...