29 January 2006

Peace between Israel and Iran?

Believe it or not, this is not a feverish drug-induced dream. We can prove that some senior members of Iranian elite keep the communication channels with the Elders open.

Consider the following sequence of events:

Thursday, January 26: Iran's Interior Minister Mostafa Pourmohammadi blames the Zionists, US and UK in the recent crashes of two military planes in Iran.

Friday, January 27: SimplyJews publish their own, detailed to the smallest item, explanation of the real force behind the above mentioned crashes.

Sunday January 29: Prosecutor General Qorban-Ali Dorri Najafabadi dismissed here Saturday reports that the recent crash of a C-130 military plane in Iran was the result of electronic jamming by foreign states including the Zionist regime of Israel.

See what we mean? And we swear that there was no subliminal or any other manipulation of Mr.
Najafabadi's brain via our brain-control rays. The best proof is this picture: you can rest assured that this team does not work on Shabbes!

Of course,
Mr. Najafabadi added that 'perpetrating such "stupid" acts would benefit no countries, adding however that the Zionist regime of Israel can definitely not be called a "state."' But we don't mind, it is just a figure of speech that is supposed to endear him to this or that Ayatollah.

Bottom line: we, the Elders, proudly credit ourselves with another achievement in re-establishing rapport between Iran and Israel. (The account number xxxxxxxxxxxx of UN will be debited accordingly to the tune of $2,879,109.36. Charge item: Peace Activities - Miscellaneous. )