23 January 2006


This is a very catchy disease, I have to admit. Thanks, Jack. I went there indeed, typed my name and clicked as prescribed. I have decided to be more selective, and here are some results:

  • is hoping to avoid suspension
  • is sexy man
  • is off the hook
  • is buried
  • is 13 years old and lives in china lives in the community of shang ding hu
  • is usually a woman
  • is in denial cos he says he hates monkeys but is a monkey himself
  • is well known for his ability to treat difficult diseases including some terminal cases
  • is the perfect man
  • is a pawn in a residency system
  • is a charming and shiftless womanizer and mok man
  • is an adventurous boy
  • is about average height for a vargr
  • is able to quickly and easily write his sermons and books no matter where he is
  • is sexy man
  • is off the hook
If She Who Must Be Obeyed reads this, you are in for a big legal and financial trouble, Jack!

And what is "mok man"? Or vargr? Not to speak about shang ding hu...