18 January 2006


Our friends from Discarded lies got wise to Abu Hamza "The Hook" having an issue with dancing. One can understand the famous cleric's point, after all what is the sole purpose of this activity?

Which reminds me that Judaism also doesn't look kindly on dancing. There is that old story about a couple (C) visiting their rabbi (R) the day before the chupa (wedding) and consulting with him on the technicalities of the wedding and lovemaking.

C - Dear Rabbi, don't you think that on that wedding day we could dance - after all, we will be already married? Practically a husband a wife, we mean.
R - No, my children: dancing of man and woman is strictly forbidden.
C - But maybe just once?
R - No way, it is a gravest sin!
C - OK, OK... Now regarding that night after: how exactly should we make love, Rebe? Is it fine for the man to be on top?
R - Sure, go ahead and be blessed.
C - And is it OK for the woman to get on top?
R - Sure, why not.
C - And how about, you know, doggy style?
R - Excellent, no problems whatsoever.
C - And what do you say if we do it standing?
R - Absolutely and totally forbidden. It may lead, G-d forbid, to dancing!