11 January 2006

Unwarranted presumption

This is the heading of Haaretz editorial, describing the latest shenanigans of Bibi Netanyahu, our wannabe PM.

"... while Netanyahu's initiative to secure the budget's approval is understandable and justified... - it is hard to overlook the manner in which he is presenting himself as the Likud's chairman and prime ministerial candidate. In an interview with The New York Times (January 10), he presented himself as "Sharon's most direct inheritor." This claim involves more than a little vulgarity and effrontery. Vulgarity, even to speak of inheriting while the legator is in the hospital in serious condition, and effrontery, because Netanyahu is trying to blur the significant gaps that developed between himself and Sharon over a Palestinian state ..."

Vulgarity and effrontery - it bears repeating. Inherit this, Bibi:

Haaretz poll: Kadima's popularity rises with Olmert as leader

If elections were held now, Kadima would win 44 Knesset seats - four more than in the first survey taken after Sharon was hospitalized. Labor dropped two seats (to 16), while Likud lost one (to 13) in comparison with that poll.

How do you like them chicken? Or, rather, vultures?