27 January 2006

Intelligence agents my foot!

TEHRAN - Iran said Thursday it had information that the United States, Britain and Israel had a role in two deadly military plane crashes in the last two months.

"The information we have says that the U.S, Britain and Israel's intelligence agents intended to create insecurity in Iran," Interior Minister Mostafa Pourmohammadi told reporters on the sidelines of a police seminar. "Even my evaluation says that the crash of our C-130 and Falcon planes was done by their design, or maybe electronic interference."

A good try, Mostafa, but no cigar. We, the Elders, do not need no United States, Britain or Israel to make a measly plane or two crash. Electronics - shmelectronics!
Take a look at that picture :

You can see our crack team of mind control experts concentrating on a target, such as these hapless
pilots on the other side of the world. Today all the equipment they need is a miniature amplifier they keep in these fur hats. Simple, reliable, made in Malaysia. A few years ago it required a huge structure. The place known to the goyim as Stonehenge is one of the examples of such an installation. We have decided to save ourselves the schlepping involved and just left it there to confuse the Russians.

So make sure that your pilot wears an Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie (AFDB) like the one in this picture:

Mind though, the beanie will not prevent our mind control team from crashing your plane, but at least you will be able to have some fun with the pilot.