16 June 2006

The truth will out!

We, the Elders, are happy to see that our newly adopted policy of openness is working. The "news" of Elders' domination of the world are slowly, but surely seeping through even the thickest skulls.

Take, for instance, this case of partial recognition of the fact:

Of course, this is but a small fragment of the whole story. It should start with:


continue through 1,765 major and 34,982 minor wars and end with the currently pursued project:

"BRAZIL + ZIONISM = 6th WORLD CUP". So here.

One thing for sure: we could not figure out this one (click to enlarge):

We have checked everything: the archives, the current activities and even the garbage bins. There is no hint about this story. So we cannot confess to this atrocity, with all our openness.

To see the whole shebang, go to this place by Nordish.

to Dan of Muscular Liberals.