22 June 2006

Aussie's heavy boots.

No, this is not Mondial related. I know I am obsessed with Mondial, but I promise it will be over as soon as Brazil takes the cup. Or gets thrown out (no, god, please no!).

Anyway, this is about the Australian ingenuity as it is described in this article.

A court in Canberra yesterday sentenced an employee of the country's national mint to three years in prison for smuggling thousands of two-dollar coins home by storing them in his boots and lunch box. William Bosia Grzeskowiak, a 48-year-old worker at the Royal Australian Mint, pleaded guilty to stealing more than AUD 135,000 (BP 79,700) over a 10-month period last year after police found buckets filled with coins hidden in his mother's garage.

The guy got too greedy, most probably, and got caught due to excessive clinking that even the most lazy guard could not ignore anymore. And his second mistake was not to upgrade to paper bills in time.

One should not rest on his laurels but strive for continuous progress and improvement.

And now back to the Mondial (I know, I have promised, but it is beyond me). That Aussie with heavy boots - any connection to the heavy boot approach of Aussie's team to my beloved Brazilians?