28 June 2006

The mistake about disengagement

The tanks are rolling. Hamas' goal - to destabilize the situation - is achieved. More people, guilty and innocent, will die in many horrible ways, as in any war.

To preempt the "anti-Zionists" excessive hot air generation: an excellent article by Ami Isseroff that reminds the realities of Gaza. I cannot avoid a quote, although the article deserves your full attention.

Israel has made a few mistakes about the disengagement as well. We understood what the disengagement was supposed to accomplish, but then we apparently forgot. The disengagement puts Israel in the right in Gaza. We should no longer have to argue about "moral equivalence" or who kills more people. It is irrelevant. Terror and aggression are wrong, and they have to be stopped. The Qassam rockets kill and maim innocent people for no reason. The Israeli soldiers killed in Kerem Shalom, and the Israeli soldier who was kidnapped, were not monsters of the some occupation army. They were young men doing their lawful duty, guarding their own country, inside a border that the international community claims to recognize.