15 June 2006

Idle thoughts of a blogger, sumo Hassids and that rabbi

The blogger in question suffers from a bout of hay fever, which does not add clarity to his thoughts.

Anyway, here is the question: if blogger A links to a post by blogger B that is linked back to a post by blogger A, and a disciplined surfer follows the links, could it possibly create an infinite number of hits and put both blogger A and blogger B in the bloggers' hall of fame?

No, don't answer. Instead, be a good surfer and follow the link to this post by Akaky that, as it frequently happens, made my day a bit more acceptable. As the days go, this one is not the one to tell one's mother about, but now it could be ranked "acceptable".

If you skipped the link, here is a passage from that post to make you go back and click on it:

The fact that over the millennia various and sundry Christian denominations have turned a first century Jewish rabbi given to whacking currency arbitrageurs over the collective noggin with a knotted rope into a somewhat Aryanish, granola eating, blue-eyed pseudo-gay wimp spouting the sort of Chinese fortune cookie wisdom that would embarrass the most completely stoned spectator you could find wandering around the parking lot after a Grateful Dead concert, has, I think, gone a long way to reinforcing this obviously mistaken belief that Jesus of Nazareth was some sort of theological Liberace, minus, of course, the excessively campy wardrobe.

I, personally, always had in mind Richard Clyderman, but then Akaky is a photographer as well, and with an eye (or, possibly, two eyes) that anyone should envy, so I will go with Liberace.

Now go back and click on that link, and if you don't, may Microsoft discover that you are using a pirated Windows ME and shut down all your ports.