07 June 2006

Guess what?

It is not that simple to understand what is going on in the picture below:

Who is the person in a black T-shirt and why is he pointing his gun into space?

Is he a:

  1. Undercover police agent?
  2. Mafia goon on assignment?
  3. Bird hunter?
  4. UFO vigilante?
  5. New kind of Sun worshipper?
  6. Hater of flying pigs?
  7. Proud member of the "Mustache and AK48" society?
None of the above, if you believe the following AP caption:

A PA officer the securing the area after RPGs were fired into the Preventive Security Service's headquarters in Gaza City on Tuesday. (AP)

It appears that there was a slight tiff between Hamas and Fatah in Gaza (again). The good folks of Hamas decided to put some of their RPGs to a use more creative than just waving them at the watchers during the incessant parades.

Still, the caption leaves one with a feeling of being underinformed, so to say. Does that black T-shirt signify that its wearer is a "PA officer"? And if the gentleman is a PA officer indeed, why is he looking for the source of these RPG grenades up there in the sky? Is there a new brood of Hamas folks buzzing around in the sky like flies and shooting off their RPGs?

Questions, questions...

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