10 June 2006

That's how it is with us

Apparently the Elders just cannot control their urge to sow mayhem and destruction. Even when we are not aware of it, we are plotting and conniving. It is for our own good that some nice media folks and other concerned citizens keep our memory refreshed, helping us to keep our own archives up to date.

Here is another dirty deed that could have otherwise escaped our collective memory.

A Sudanese tribal leader blamed Jews for the conflict in Darfur. Mowadh Jalaladin, a representative of the Barty tribe, said his people would wage a "“jihad"” against any U.N. peacekeeping force. "“The root causes of the Darfur conflict are the doing of the Jewish organizations who financed this armed rebellion," he told representatives of the U.N. Security Council touring the region this week. "We don´t want the Security Council to be an instrument of the ugly undertakings of the United States of America."

Memo to Operations: put another notch on the totem pole FT-625, please.