08 June 2006

Assad - losing it?

EU official: Assad losing grip on power, says Ynet.

In conversation with Ynet, senior European Union official links signs of instability in Syria to impending United Nations report on Hariri assassination

As time goes by Syrian President Bashar Assad has been getting weaker and losing his grip on power, a senior European Union official said Tuesday. Assad's relatives and members of his father's team of senior aides control Syria nowadays, the official told Ynet.

The instability of the Syrian regime hinges on the impending release of results of a United Nations investigation into the assassination of former Lebanese prime minister Rafik Hariri last year. Syrian official have been implicated in the plot to kill Hariri.

Is it the investigation or upcoming Mondial, the babyface is definitely losing the grip on everything. It becomes clear after a brief look at this picture.

I say it is the mustache.

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