20 June 2006

A muzzle, somebody, please!

Our minister of defense promised to stop the Qassam barrage "in a few hours" yesterday. So far we are still counting the hours. But promise of a minister is only what it is - a promise of a minister.

On the other hand... no, actually on both hands: Olmert has a serious problem with his vice- (or deputy- or who the heck knows-) PM Shimon Peres. According to Haaretz:

Vice premier Shimon Peres (Kadima) on Monday voiced skepticism over the reaction of the government and the citizens of Israel to Qassam rockets.

"We have to stop the hysteria we are all rousing. Instead, we must say: 'We will get through this, we won't leave here.' What happened? Qassams, shmassams! Kiryat Shmona was also fired upon for years."

This is one turbulent priest (of geriatric variety), whom I wouldn't mind seeing pensioned off. Or simply muzzled, for public safety reasons. Ideas, anyone?