06 June 2006

"Not in our name" revisited

Hamas "government", as we have already mentioned before, easily inherited Arafat's double-dealing way of life. While refraining from carrying out the terrorist attacks by themselves, they are condoning and supporting such attacks by others.

In Gaza, Hamas operatives often assist attacks carried out by Islamic Jihad and the Popular Resistance Committees. The rockets fired at Sderot last week, for instance, were made by Hamas, and "rebellious" members of the organization helped launch them. The Shin Bet security service also accused senior Hamas operatives of having helped the Popular Resistance Committees prepare a attack in April at the Karni crossing between Gaza and Israel. That plan was foiled by PA security personnel.

Being an aspiring bunch of Arafat's heirs, Hamas is deftly redefining the "Not in my name" slogan, up to now used by the anti-war protesters all over the globe.

Currently, Hamas' West Bank cells are focusing mainly on buying arms, training operatives, setting up explosives factories and conducting experiments. However, a few cells - mainly in the southern West Bank, around Hebron and Bethlehem - are continuing to carry out small-scale attacks. These cells are only loosely connected to the organization's leadership in Damascus and Gaza, and as long as they keep a relatively low profile and do not claim responsibility for their attacks in Hamas' name, the leadership does not interfere.

And, of course, Hamas is heavily investing in the sciences, caring for the future generations... of their armory, that is:

Hamas operatives in the West Bank have experimented with adding toxic chemicals to their bombs, security sources told Haaretz Monday. The sources said the experiments have involved relatively simple chemicals, and as far as is known, the organization is not yet able to integrate such agents into its bombs effectively. However, they said, Hamas' West Bank cells include several skilled bombmakers who are investing great effort in trying to upgrade their weapons.

What can one say: a nicer group of people has been rarely targeted by any military outfit!

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