21 June 2006

Cospiracy della cospirazione

Or, in simple words - a conspiracy of conspiracies. This is really what the gullible Guardian journalist mistakenly describes as Police strike at heart of mafia averts bloody power struggle.

A bloody mafia power struggle appears to have been narrowly averted after dawn raids across the Sicilian capital of Palermo yesterday netted 24 alleged Cosa Nostra "godfathers", including a mobster said by investigators to be trying to take over as the next capo di tutti i capi ("boss of all bosses").

And more:

The investigation took its codename from the Almanach de Gotha, the directory of Europe's nobility, an allusion to the number of "crime lords" targeted. Altogether, 52 arrest warrants were issued to police before yesterday's raids.

Doesn't it sound too romantic and pompous to be what it is presented to be? Come on! After the previous capo di tutti i capi has been caught almost with his pants down?

No, ladies and gentlemen, the truth is much more sinister. I say this is a plot by the leading Italian movie producers and directors to beat the Godfather. And here is the proof, looking directly in the poor scribe's eyes:

A convicted mafioso, Rotolo was meant to be so ill he could no longer be kept in jail. So police secretly videoing the area...

Police video, indeed!