24 June 2006

Wrong photo?

CNN posted an article on the aftermath of the cartoon protests in London.

Four men have appeared in a British court charged in connection with a heated protest in London against Danish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed which sparked uproar in the Islamic world earlier this year.

All well and good, and some rubble rousers could do with a chill out in the nick. There is another link in that article, however, that leads to a picture gallery titled "Muslim protests" (cannot be linked directly). We think there is a mix-up that resulted in a wrong picture getting into the gallery:

Surely the above picture is related to something entirely different.

Tens of thousands of Israelis flocked to the mixed Arab-Jewish town of Neveh Shalom last night for the single performance by the British rock star - the founder of Pink Floyd, which produced the legendary album The Wall.

An estimated 50,000 gathered in a hastily prepared outdoor venue in a field near Neveh Shalom, which is located between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. Hours before the performance, cars were gridlocked in all directions in one of Israel's worst traffic jams ever.

So here.