06 June 2006

It must be something in the water

You cannot hide anything from the all-revealing light of science. And here comes another revelation:

Researchers at Tel Aviv University believe that the bodily excretions of women hiking in Hakibbutzim Stream, in the Beit She'an Valley, are causing sexual changes in the Acanthobrama Lissneri, a species that is unique to the area.

As part of a comprehensive survey of the state of the fishes in the Jordan River basin ..., Yaron Krotman examined the fish population in various locations, including the Astatotilapia Flaviijosephi, which lives in an area filled with springs and pools that are popular with day-trippers.

In one of the sites examined by Krotman, he found a disproportionately high number of females - more than twice the number of males. In other sites, the numbers were nearly equal. Tests of the water at the sites revealed high levels of the female hormone ethinylestriadol, which is used in contraceptive pills and is excreted with the urine into the environment.

I had at least two nasty remarks on the subject, but have decided, for health-related reasons, to refrain. For the moment.

At least, these Astatotilapia guys have a time of their lifes!