11 June 2006

Boycott season over

Another boycott looks like it just fizzled away into nothing.

Starting off with a great fanfare, the customary proponents rushing to the media, vying for column space and airtime, hauling a cart load of Anti-Israel acid, armed with a halo of self righteousness. The song and dance, was capped by the usual Joowish Joo haters, displaying their faith as the ultimate credential for impartiality, and undeniable moral high ground.

A word in the boycotter's shell like:

As your campaign balloon deflates, hissing a shrill noxious dying fart, the sound of conspiracy will no doubt be trumpeted throughout the land, followed by accusations and implication of an all powerful, hidden interfering hand at play.

Some facts for you (as if we would consider you a worthy project); neither the Elders, nor the Lobby were called upon, consulted or approached. The Hasbara department are out on annual leave, some in Anatolia on a cheap package deal, the rest transfixed to live matches on Plasma screens, while the Mossad are busying themselves with a Persian hyena and his small underground project which they've taken upon themselves to remodel.

The simple truth of it remains as it was last time you were ground to pulp at the AUT. Again, you've been thoroughly nutted by a bunch of academics, the same cabal who widened your sphincters last time, and will no doubt be there to put you right next time.