12 June 2006

Brits - back to the future?

Brits are notorious for the bizarre streak in their behavior (mad dogs and Englishmen). It comes out as different phenomena, creating a lovely multitude of topics for discussion. One could become a collector just writing down the endless cases.

Lately the world begins to see a new direction of the British collective and endearing madness. It has to do with cleanliness and its olfactory aspect. The starting shot was given by no other than notorious red Ken who steadfastly refuses to flash his toilet, using strange excuses like water shortages in London (the capital of one of the wettest countries of the world).

Now a new brand of hygiene (or anti-hygiene) prophets joined the chorus. Andrew Marr in the interview Why I've given up washing my hair lyrically lauds the advantages of skipping shampoo. He has quite a few observations on the subject, including olfactory, financial and even biological reasons for this decision.

So far so good. But then comes into the picture another gentleman - Michael White, and takes the idea even further. In the article Shampoo is not the only thing I have given up, he is happily announcing that deodorants are not his cup of tea.

He also found is necessary to share with us the fact that "Last year Mrs White decided that showering every day wasn't a good idea for her skin." I would venture an opinion that this specific item of knowledge is of a doubtful value to me personally, since I am not acquainted with Mrs White and do not have any designs about changing this state.

I wonder what will be the next move in that saga? And I have only two (no, really) remarks to make:

  1. Both gentlemen who forswear shampoo are a bit hairline challenged, if I may mention this fact.
  2. Have you ever used the London tube during a hot summer day? Especially when the train suddenly stops for a few minutes, usually without any conceivable reason? (This counts as a remark, by the way.)

to Rachel.

Still - I say it is the Mondial!