16 June 2006

Nuclear scoop - directly from Khamenai

Remember - you have first learned about it here, so do not let any mass media running lackey dog of capitalism, imperialism and Zionism to tell you differently.

IRNA reports that no other than the Supreme Leader himself decided to come out and to confess that the nuclear technology was developed in Persia hundreds (thousands?)of years ago.

The passage copied above deserves additional analysis, but later. First of all, the item of utmost importance: "indigenous nuclear technology". This statement finally discloses the fact the Elders suspected for many years: nuclear technology was not researched in Europe to be later implemented in US first. It existed for thousands of years in Persia, being passed from generation to generation by word of mouth and via the highly specialized N-gene, which existence was predicted by some biologists, but was never proved to this day.

We'll learn more about this story, but what is clear is that, as expected, Iranian President finally got the word from the Hidden Imam. And the word was: " Go ahead and blow up at will".

Needless to say, this discovery puts to eternal shame the Zionist innuendo about that stooge of the Elders - Einstein - having something to do with theoretical fundamentals for the nuclear energy. There is only one fundament necessary - firm belief in the words of Quran. No measly physical theory is needed, when every Allah-fearing Persian carries that nuclear ability from the moment of his birth.

Now some more textual analysis. The meaning of the strange notice on the upper right corner: "Iran Supreme Leader - Nuclear" is clear now. The Supreme Leader decided to become the first Persian to use the N-gene to the utmost and switched himself from the "neutral" position to "armed". Pissing him off right now may be detrimental to the environment. He could go off at the slightest disturbance.

And re his advice to the Iranian youth that "should expand in various directions": it may be a good idea, but the time and the place should be stated precisely. I am not sure the Supreme Leader wants the ardent Iranian youngsters to go nuclear in Iran. But in his highly volatile state he may have forgotten to convey the small details of the master plan.

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